Who We Are

We are a small group in the West of Scotland, non-sectarian and non-political, all  volunteers. We aim to promote a wider understanding of the situation in the Holy Land today.

We support people, especially women and children, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and Gaza, who are in greatest need in the current situation.  

We provide this support by buying a wide range of traditional items produced by craftspeople, families, cooperatives and charities in the Holy Land and selling these products at events and venues across Scotland.  All of our profits go towards the support of people in need in the West Bank and Gaza.

We sell a wide range of attractive high quality products, ranging from olive oil and olive soap, colourful patterned ceramics, beautiful embroidery, olive wood crafts, and much more – all produced by people in the West Bank and Gaza who are struggling to make a living.   

What we sell

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We buy our goods from various places  – ceramics from the old city of Jerusalem, olive oil and soap from the village of Taybeh in the West Bank, olive wood crafts from Bethlehem,  hand embroidered items from village cooperatives and refugee camps, for example.

We sell mainly at stalls, craft fairs, coffee mornings, charity events and churches. By buying our products, you are helping to provide an income for individuals and families with little or no means of support, including people in refugee camps, and assisting charities and community groups which provide for young children, elderly and disabled people.

We also give talks at events and presentations on request to help raise awareness of the situation in the Holy Land. 

The profits we make benefit charitable bodies, schools, women’s groups and community projects in the occupied territories which provide such essential things as medical assistance, school fees, meals for older people and young children, as well as training and activities for people with disabilities.

We are always looking for new contacts, so please get in touch if you would like us display and/or sell at your next event or venue  or if you want us to give a talk to your group. You can contact us by email at olivetreescotland@gmail.com  or by phone at 01505 612963

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