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The Israel-Palestine conflict – a brief, simple history | YouTube

5-minute history of the Israel Palestine conflict | YouTube

Animation, simple and very clear.

The Stones Cry Out | 2013 | DVD available on Amazon

This is the story of Palestinian Christians since 1948. It recounts their terrible suffering as they are forceably expelled from their lands to make way for new Jewish settlements.

Five Broken Cameras | 2012 | DVD available on Amazon

West Bank Palestinian farmer, Emad Burnat, chronicles on camera the plight of his villagers’ resistance to the occupying forces although his first camera was bought to recall his son’s birth. Each camera records a specific timescale until it is destroyed by Israeli soldiers and settlers and then replaced.

The Lemon Tree | 2008 | DVD available on Amazon

Set in the West Bank this drama follows a Palestinian widow who is told to remove her lemon trees when the Israeli Defence Minister moves in opposite and they are considered a terrorist risk. She takes her protest as far as the Israeli Supreme Court.

Jenin, Jenin | 2002 | YouTube

This documentary by Mohammed Bakri puts forward the Palestinian side of the battle of Jenin refugee camp in 2002 when the Israeli Defence Force undertook an 11 day massacre in the camp. Recounted through a series of interviews, it is an eye witness account of what really happened.

The Return of Osiris | 2019 | YouTube 

In June 1967 President Nasser of Egypt appeared on television to announce defeat in the war and his resignation. The film combines excerpts from television and film to reconstruct his speech using elements from popular culture.

Balfour’s Shadow | 2017 | DVD available on Amazon

A history of the UK’s involvement in the area since the Balfour Declaration of 1917, its impact and the devastating results of it for the people of Palestine.

Stone Cold Justice | 2014 | Amazon Prime Video

Investigative documentary about the Israeli army’s treatment of Palestinian boys –their capture, ruthless questioning, forced confessions and subsequent imprisonment.

Since I was Born | 2013 | DVD available on US

11year old Tamer lives in the Dheisheh refugee camp in the West Bank. He has two dreams – to liberate his country and to see the sea. The Mediterranean is just 40 miles away but permission to access it is virtually impossible to obtain. His father is determined to try and make his dream come true.

Memory of the Cactus | 2013 | YouTube

A Documentary which addresses the destruction of 3 villages in Latroun in the Occupied West Bank in 1967 and the forcible transfer of their population who remain displaced. The area is now the Jewish National Fund’s Canada Park, its Palestinian history erased.

Arna’s Children | 2004 | DVD available on Amazon

Director Juliano Mer Khamis documents his mother, Arna, who established a children’s theatre workshop in the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin. A former Israeli soldier Arna becomes an activist for Palestinian political and human rights. We see her work between 1989 and 1996. A later follow-up discovers the sad fate of many of Arna’s children.

Enduring Roots | Available to view here.

Documentary covering the ethnic cleansing, perpetrated over a century  of resistance, by the Jewish National Fund using charitable donations.  These donations fund the claiming and clearing of Palestinian lands for Jewish settlements. The documentary chronicles the stories of al-Nakba survivors.

Open Bethlehem | 2014 | DVD available from

Leila Sansour left Bethlehem aged 17. This documentary, filmed on her return to live there, charts over several years how the military restrictions and settlements have affected the political and cultural landscape of this ancient city. Her Open Bethlehem project aims to persuade the Israeli government to open up the city in the interests of commerce and tourism and to allow people to visit freely.

Between Heaven and Earth | 2019

This story about a middle-class Palestinian couple who decide to divorce after 5 years of marriage follows their application for the necessary documents from an Israeli court. This process turns up unexpected information and the film follows their travels as they attempt to uncover the truth.

Omar | 2014 | DVD available on Amazon

Political thriller set in Palestine following a young man whose girlfriend lives on the other side of the separation wall and who, once on the other side joins a group of freedom fighters. His capture exposes the emotional and psychological costs of being an informer.

When I saw You | 2014 | DVD available on Amazon

A young boy, held in a Jordanian refugee camp, yearns to be reunited with his father. He sets off alone and en route attaches himself to a group of young freedom fighters. Adventure ensues.

Objector | 2019

Like all Israeli youth Atalya is obliged to become a soldier. However she questions the practices of her country’s military and refuses to be enlisted and is imprisoned for her dissent. Seeking truth and standing for justice, her courage moves those around her to reconsider their own moral positions.

The Present | 2020

BAFTA-winning and Oscar nominated short film documents the journey of a Palestinian and his daughter who set out in the West Bank to buy his wife a wedding anniversary gift. It shows the struggles they go through between soldiers, segregated roads and checkpoints.