Olive Tree Scotland is a non-sectarian, non-political, small voluntary group which aims to promote a wider understanding of the situation in Palestine/Israel.  To this end the following list of links will allow access to further information.

Scottish Contacts

Edinburgh Action for Palestine/ ea4p –

Glasgow and Bethlehem twinning –

Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign –

Hadeel (Palestinian shop in Edinburgh)

Scottish Friends of Palestine –

Scottish Jews Against Zionism (JAZ) –

Scottish Palestinian Forum (a network of pro-Palestinian organisations) –

St Andrew’s Scots Memorial Church of Scotland and guesthouse in Jerusalem –

Other Organisations in the UK, Israel/Palestine or international

Addameer (Palestinian Prisoner Support and Human Rights Organisation) –

Amnesty International –

AMOS Trust (a London-based human rights organisation) –

Balfour Project (“acknowledging Britain’s historic and continuing responsibilities to uphold equal rights for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.”) –

B’Tselem (Israeli Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) –

Breaking the Silence (veterans of the Israeli military who speak out about the Occupation and aim to end it) – Breaking the Silence

Christ at the Checkpoint (biennial conference in Bethlehem, linked with Sabeel) –

Embrace the Middle East (a Christian development charity tackling poverty and injustice through partners in the Middle East) –

Green Olive Tours – (based in Jerusalem, online tours)- Green Olive Tours-Israel-Palestine-Alternative Tours-Culture-Politics (

If Americans Knew (“what every American needs to know about Israel-Palestine”) –

Israeli Campaign Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) –

Jewish Network for Palestine – UK Jewish support group for Palestine (

Kumi Now (working to connect activists worldwide with Palestinian organisations) –

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) –

Musalaha (Arabic word for reconciliation) –

New Profile (Israeli women and men opposed to a militarised society) – 

Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) –   

Pax Christi (an international Catholic Christian Peace movement) –

Sabeel (Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, for their weekly Wave of Prayer) –   

Sabeel-Kairos (Christian UK charity supporting peace and justice in the Holy Land) –

Sindyanna of Galilee (Arab and Jewish women committed to business for peace) –

Tent of Nations (Palestinian family farm.  Despite opposition, they seek to build bridges.) –

The Villages Group (Israeli Jewish people who love and help Palestinians) –

War on Want (very informative website) –

Wi’am: The Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center (in Bethlehem, beside the Wall) –

Sources of news

+972 magazine  (independent journalism from Israel/Palestine) –

Mondoweiss (news and opinion about Palestine, Israel and the United States) –

Jonathan Cook (British journalist based in Nazareth) –

Al Jazeera news, available on Freeview TV  (Television news channel and online, from the Middle East.) –

Haaretz, a major daily newspaper from Israel, online or by subscription  –